KiiT Nanhi Pari Alumni

Fashion Model,
Ex Contestant – Nanhipari,
Miss India United Nation International 2017

Sukhpreet Kaur

No dream is too big to achieve, if you are highly determined in your life.”I am Sukhpreet Kaur (22) hailing from a small town Barbil in Odisha. Professionally a fashion designer and by passion a model, I am all set to represent my country India at Miss United Nation International-2017.I remember when I joined my first pageant, I was just 10 years old with no sense of fashion. I participated in KIIT Nanhipari Little Miss India as I had a fascination for going to a pageant. KIIT Nanhipari is an opportunity for young talented teenagers who really want to showcase their confidence and potential. Those three days spent at KIIT campus with the Nanhipari Parivar were really my best days. There was so much fun, love and the positive surrounding. “Opportunity will never come to you, you have to grab it” – This is what I have learned from the pageant. I thank the Parivar for boosting my confidence and turning my dreams into reality. Nanhipari Parivar has given me an immense confidence and so I am representing India at an international pageant.

Baishali Medhi

I am 2nd Runners Up of Nanhipari (Little Miss India) 2013. Representing Assam, I had a great experience in the show so I would like to thank every member of the organizing committee for holding such kind of competition. KIIT Nanhipari helps many teenage girls to show off their hidden talents. It has helped me also. It was a great honour for me to participate in the show and get the title. Through this competition, I acquired lots of knowledge. I along with my parents stayed in KIIT campus during the time of the competition and enjoyed very much. I worked hard in the different rounds to give my best. I will like to conclude by giving thanks to everyone in the organizing team I am very happy for my title, which I will be proud of throughout my life. I have won state-level awards for child actress and dance. My hobbies are acting, dancing and modeling. I have done many stage dramas, serials and telefilms both in Hindi and Assamese and have received appreciations. I have won many prizes in Bihu, the folk dance of Assam. Currently, I am learning Bharatnatyam. My aim is to be a Bollywood actress and an IAS officer.

TV Actress,
Ex Contestant – Nanhipari 2013

Little Miss India Nanhipari 2014

Mitali Bhilwaria

Miss Mitali Bhilwaria (16) from Guwahati, Assam was crowned the “Little Miss India Nanhipari 2014”. She is a very talented and versatile girl, presently studying in Class X at Holy Child High School, Guwahati. She is the daughter of Mr. Anesh Bhilwaria a businessman by profession and Mrs. Sunita Bhilwaria who is at present Ward Councillor at Guwahati Municipal Corporation. She is deeply interested in dancing (Classical, Folk & Modern), singing (Folk, Classical, Devotional Bhajans), designing Rangoli, Mehendi, sports (basketball, badminton), yoga, riding cycle and exploring places. She has completed 5-year diploma course in Bharatnatyam ‘Arangetram’. Mitali has given special performances at:
1) 23rd National Conference of All India Marwari Sanmelan.
2) 5th All India Tibetan Support Groups National Conference.
3) Northeast Book Fair.
4) Northeast Television Shows (Regional channels like NETV, NEWS LIVE, DY365)
She has been awarded at many national and regional competitions such as in Akhil Bharatia Marwari Sanmelan, Purbottar Pradesia Marwari Yuva Manch in Dancing, Singing, Debate, Drawing, Extempore, etc. Because of her disciplined and sincere attitude she was awarded The Best Student “General Proficiency” in class VIII and was given the Captain’s responsibility every year by the school authority. She is also associated with Rastra Sevika Samiti and Junior Red Cross (JRC) at community and school level.

Saanvi Tiwari

KIIT Nanhipari is a stepping stone and dream for many enthusiastic and competitive girls. It throws up an opportunity to unleash our hidden talents and explore into unknown horizon of the real world. My sincere gratitude towards KIIT Nanhipari for the memorable journey of life we had during the three-day event in Bhubaneswar last year. I truly cherish this journey and when I sit in solitude, I feel that another wonderful milestone was realized in my already adventurous life. KIIT Nanhipari made very sincere and professional effort in making this event similar to Miss India. I do not think KIIT left any stone unturned in making the event most memorable. Not only were the participants proud of their achievements, but also the parents, who were watching the happenings spellbound. Each and every member of KIIT Nanhipari team was very supportive and helped us in being confident on the stage. All the participants put their heart and soul in the competition and that is not possible without excellent support of the organizing team. We were so grateful and privileged to be part of this extraordinary event. Last day at KIIT was truly memorable when we called upon by the celebrities, including singers, actors, etc to perform at the event. There is a potential to take this event to the world stage and I believe that day is not that far away. I am looking forward to take part in this year’s competition also.

Ex Contestant – KIIT Nanhipari – 2015

2nd Runners Up – Nanhipari 2010

Shagun Sengupta

I am Shagun Sengupta. I had participated in Nanhipari in 2010 and was crowned the 2nd Runners up. I am basically from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Being the only daughter of working parents, I had spent most of my childhood being alone. I was an extremely shy and introvert person and would get bullied by others all the time. I had participated in some city level competitions, but could not proceed beyond certain stage because of unfair practices on the organizers’ part. In the following year, Shriya Fule was crowned the Nanhipari. My parents told me about the competition and wanted me to participate in it. I was overjoyed that I got an opportunity to present myself at a national-level platform. The contest was in the magnificent KIIT campus in Bhubaneshwar. During the three-day of the competition, I made a lot of friends that I am still in contact with many of them. I developed a sense of confidence, and really started believing in myself. I started believing that I am really worth something. When others saw it and acknowledged it, felt beautiful from within. I developed the confidence of speaking in public, showcasing all the talents that I have. And people appreciated it. When they announced my name, I had gone numb and just couldn’t stop smiling. I will never forget what I felt standing on that stage with the spotlight on me and my parents looking at me so proudly. It felt wonderful to make my parents proud of me, of who I am. Organizing team was caring – it felt nice like family. Back home, I had my name on most newspapers. I had grown up from being that shy girl in corner to the one who shines in the spotlight. Nanhipari has basically shaped me up into the person that I am. It taught me self-respect and compassion for others. It taught me to be humane and stand up for myself. It taught me to be me.

Bhoomika Dash

The year 2015 had brought with itself a new set of challenges for me . I am humbled to being honoured as KIIT Nanhipari 2nd runners up 2015. This great platform has not only encouraged or boosted up my confidence level but simultaneously it has developed my intellectual , presence, style, glamour and charisma. The experience that I have gathered was amazing. I worked as a freelance model but I have never got training. This pageant has made me believe in myself even more and have faith on my capabilities and also to know my limits and work hard for it. I think each girl should come without fear of rejection and give their give shot irrespective of results. Being now as a famous odissi dancer, ollywood actress, a good scholar, modeler , KIIT Nanhipari has played a important role in it.

Ollywood Actress,
2nd Runner UP, KIIT Nanhipari 2015

International Chess Player & Cine Artist,
Nanhipari Little Miss India 2011

Akankhya Kabi

Nanhipari is the best platform for a girl child to showcase her talent. First of all, I am really thankful to Achyuta Samanta sir and Core Committee members of KIIT Nanhipari for organising this and giving this opportunity to girls like me to showcase our talent. It is not just a beauty contest. It is about beauty with brains, beauty with physical fitness, beauty with a good heart and soul. It is about many strangers coming up from all parts of India with multiple diversities and interests, yet living as a single family. Even though it was tough, it was really a great experience. I had worked day-and night for all the rounds and finally my dream came true and I came up with flying colours. Earning the crown of Nanhipari-2011 meant being the luckiest girl at that point of time to me. It gave me new confidence, new strength, capacity to discover my forte and, most importantly, a responsibility of sending a message to all the girls like me – “If I can, why you can’t?”

Shriya Fule

I take this opportunity to express my immense pleasure and gratitude to praise KIIT Nanhipari. KIIT Nanhipari Little Miss India 2009 title transformed my destiny. After winning this title, I got a golden opportunity to perform a strong character in Bollywood film “Last Benchers”. Besides my exposure, this talent contest has boosted my confidence to fulfill my dreams of being a successful personality in future. I very proudly and sincerely admit that the selection procedure of Nanhipari talent show is purely based on merit and performance, otherwise, being a girl from a small town Bhandara in Maharashtra I would not have got a chance to become the winner. I salute the sincere, able and courageous patrons of KIIT Nanhipari for their noble gesture for giving a good platform and developing the girls who are having real talent.

Film Actress,
Nanhipari Little Miss India 2009

Software Engg.
KIIT Nanhipari Little Miss India 2002

Sonika Bhattamishra

‘Nanhipari’ came as a blessing in my life – wrapped in fun, activities and learning. The whole experience spanning over three days was not just a competition. For us, it was a platform to perform and learn, to receive and spread love, to break our borders and make friends that last forever. Winning is not the best part here. The best part is discovering a new side to you – a beautiful side that doesn’t need any extra efforts to showcase. This program helped me a lot in strengthening my confidence, enhancing public speaking, losing stage fright and gifted me a beautiful family of people who care for me in every step of my life. Hope this program affects your life in more beautiful ways. I am presently working in TEK Systems Global Services in Hyderabad. My journey after Nanhipari includes being the District Topper in 10th ICSE Board, several medals in Olympiads, several service camps for social welfare, several medals in athletics, etc. KIIT Nanhipari marks the start of a new and better life. I aim to be a social and educational asset to the nation and help people as much as I can.


I’m Neetu from delhi. I got MISS SELFIE award. first time I had participated in such a big competition because I’m a performer but to participate in this competition, I learn so many things. My journey was superb from Delhi to Bhubaneswar just because of them because they give us a good service it feels like a celebrity. and when I go their all the contestant were to pretty and very confident and one more thing I note was that they all have a different spark. throw the stage of Nanhipari I can see changes on me like my confident level is increased ,my body posture ,my attitude , my personality is changed . and it was my first experience in a big stage which i think for me its dreams come true. I just want to thank KIIT Nanhipari to provide us a chance and stage to represent our self. And they are doing a lot for those children who wants to represent our self but they don’t have opportunity.

Ex Contestant KIIT Nanhipari 2016

Ex Contestant KIIT Nanhipari 2016

Miss Aisu Panyang

First of all I am very thankful to KIIT Nanhipari who has given me this opportunity to be a part of Little Miss India. It was great participating here. Firstly, I was crowned the First ever winner of Little Miss Arunachal 2015 for which I represented Northeast particularly Arunachal Pradesh in KIIT Nanhipari Little Miss India 2015 but I was not succeeded in that year but I didn’t got upset about that, in fact I got lots and lots of experience, confidence in me and more and more overcoming in front of others. But In the year 2016, I was qualified in the audition for Little Miss India 2016. And I was selected as top 10 in the final round and was also crowned MISS CATWALK. As a whole, Once again I am very thankful to KIIT Nanhipari for keeping me as one of the alumni member.

Pratiti Dash

This is Pratiti Das , Nanhipari batch-2015 . It is a matter of pride to be member of the Nanhipari family. Nanhipari is a great initiative by KIIT which makes young believe in themselves . I myself learned a lot there when I was selected in top 30 . This gave me a little more confidence to face new people and make new friends. The most special thing about it is that is focuses on all the aspects, sports ,communication, beauty n what not which a young girl would definitely dream to achieve. Being a part of Nanhipari , I would say that is gives you priceless memories , lifelong lessons and everlasting confidence . Kudos to KIIT NANHIPARI !

Ex Contestant KIIT Nanhipari 2015

First Runner up, KIIT NANHIPARI 2016

Deepanwita Dey

29th December 2016 was the day when I found a new me, a me which was more confident, more elegant a definitely more beautiful inside out. That day changed the way I looked at myself in the mirror. Now whenever I look at my reflection I am proud of the girl I see. A girl who is always sitting on her desk with a pen on her hand thinking “what poem should I write next” could never think of going to such platform with gorgeously dressed up walking with such a grace and competing all the equally beautiful and unbeatable contestants ,but maybe that is only the rule of life, things happen totally unexpected because we weren’t expecting that to happen. When unexpected opportunities knock the doors of our busy lives we totally ignore them saying “that’s not my field, I cannot do that” totally forgetting the fact that life is a box full of surprises we don’t know what’s coming for us next so in order to live life to the fullest we should for a while keep those that are meant for us aside and do something totally new. Because if I had told myself that “let the opportunity just pass away, beauty pageant , walking on the ramp is just not my thing” I know I would have regretted today. When I gave the audition for KIIT NANHIPARI I didn’t know whether I will be selected or not let alone being in the top 10 finalist and later bragging the 1st runner up trophy but I was happy and totally satisfied with myself because I tried something new. When I was selected and I finally came to KIIT I never had that urge of winning rather I was thrilled that I was able to participate in such a big platform. Going with the flow doesn’t always make you a dead fish; sometimes it makes you an explorer. Winning is definitely important but not always, at times gathering some experience and beautiful memories is all you need in life.

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